The AC & CNC Mystery Cowl CAL

Welcome to the AC and CNC Mystery Cowl CAL. This is my very first CAL that I’ve ever participated in, and Mistie from American Crochet is kind enough to show me the ropes. I’m very excited to get this started and also to learn a few things about crochet CAL’s as we go along.

The image below shows the yarn you will need. We’re using an M/9.00mm crochet hook and a #5 bulky yarn in three colors. I’m using black, purple and pink, but you can use any colors that you like.

Also, Mistie has written an introductory post, which will act as an index as the CAL progresses. You might want to bookmark that for future reference. Click the image below for details.

The AC & CNC Mystery Cowl CAL
The AC & CNC Mystery Cowl CAL – Click Image for Mistie’s Intro on American Crochet

Mistie and I would love to see your progress of the cal, and we welcome you to share your images with us at the following links:

American Crochet Facebook Group
Rhelena’s CrochetN’Crafts Facebook Group
On Instagram using #CNCACMYSTERYCAL2015
You can also add this CAL to your Ravelry Queue and join the American Crochet Group

Thanks so much and I hope to have lots of fun with you all during this CAL.

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