March is crochet month. What will you do to honor the craft you love?

Here are 7 super awesome rad and inspiring crochet projects to celebrate crochet Month.

March is Crochet Month

Teach someone to crochet

Teaching someone to crochet is a great way to celebrate crochet month. Technology has made it so easy to share your favorite craft. Try using Google Hangout to host a virtual crochet group or video tape yourself making a stitch and share it on YouTube. You can also teach one-on-one lessons locally at a local school, homeschool club or church group.

Plan a community Yarn bombing

Get together some of your yarn loving friends and plan to beautify your city with yarn. (be sure to get permission first) How about tagging your local library, your school, your church your favorite coffee shop or a local park. If you have a yarn store nearby ask if they can help spread the word for extra yarn creating hands.

Hook up some charity magic

Gather your friends and set a goal to make hats, slippers, blankets or squares for charity. Some charities you might consider are Warm Up America, Bridge and Beyond or 60 Caps for Jason.

Don’t limit yourself to what you create, hold a yarn drive or shipping expense drive. Charities need all the help they can get to keep sharing the love.

Start a March Love Blog Hop

Pick a topic to write about. Invite your blogging friends and write on that topic. Link up your blogs and share. Topics can be anything like “the ugliest thing you made” or “If I had 100 skeins of yarn I’d make …” or “My dream creation would be …”

Sit at the Masters Feet

Crochetville is celebrating their 9th anniversary this year. They’ve updated their website and added all sorts of fabulous things for crochet lovers. For crochet month they’ve gathered together 44 professional designers for their A Tour through Crochet Country blog series. Visit a new designer each day for the entire month of March. Designers include Amy Shelton (co-owner of Crochetville), Marty Miller, Edie Eckman and Kim Guzman. (

Collaborate with Crochet Friends

Why not collaborate with your friends and create a group project? You could design a pattern together. One person can come up with the idea, another could sketch it out, and still others could choose the stitch, the yarn, and name. Another idea might be to make a friendship afghan. I did this last year when I did a granny square swap. Looking for something a bit smaller? Try a friendship scarf. Each participant will crochet a certain amount of the scarf in their chosen stitch and mail it off to the next participant. By the time the scarf returns to you, you’ll have a one of a kind scarf stitched with love from friends around the world.


This is something I’m finally going to gift myself – a membership to CGOA. I’ve been crocheting since 1999 and I’ve yet to join. Our local group meets on Wednesday nights. Look on the crochet guild of America’s website for details on a group near you. For just $35USA /$42 Can/Mex / $50 International you get access to some great crochet centered professionals, a forum, a subscription to Crochet! magazine and an invitation to the yearly conference.

These are my super awesome rad and inspiring ideas for Crochet Month, what are yours?

Sara Duggan

Sara Duggan loves crochet and writing. She joined the crochet blogging community in 2007 as Momwithahook. In 2008 she toyed with designing patterns and shares her creations on Squidoo. (


  1. Excellent ideas, Sara. I’ve met a WHOLE lotta crocheters this month via Google+ crochet communities and am enjoying Crochetville’s blog tour. I need to update my CGOA membership, too. Used to be a member but slacked off. Can’t beat that membership price.

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